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5029541000138_IMAGE2Harrogate Sulphur Body Wash 250 ml: Liquid soap for body cleansing in cases of acne, eczema and irritated skin.




5029541000114_IMAGE2Harrogate Sulphur Cream 25 gr: Cream for acne and eczema for the face and body.




5029541000121_IMAGE2Harrogate Sulphur Shampoo 150 ml: Hair shampoo. Indicated for eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.





Harrogate_Body_LotionHarrogate Body Lotion 150 ml: Lotion with antiseptic, antibacterial and moisturizing action for skin care and treatment of the body for bacteria and germs.




01.Harrogate_Sulphur_Soap_OriginalHarrogate Sulphur Soap 100 gr: Dry soap for acne and eczema.