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Yotuel Patient Kit: 16% Carbamide peroxide bleaching gel. (Contents: 4 syringes 2.5 ml with Yotuel gel, 2 tips for use, 1 syringe of photopolymetic protective gums Yotuel, 1 multilingual user manual, 1 tube Yotuel whitening toothpaste 50 ml)




Minikit-30-perox.carbam.-dual-syringegingivalYotuel Carb Perox: 30% Peroxide carmanide whitening gel. (Contents: 1 double syringe with Yotuel gel, 2 user tips, 1 tube of Yotuel whitening toothpaste, 1 syringe of Yotuel photopolymetic gums' protective, 2 applications' tips, 1 multilingual user manual and 1 color guide)





xerostom_toothpaste-768x960Xerostom toothpaste 50 ml: Toothpaste for dry mouth and good oral health. 




gel-seroxtom-en-510x600Xerostom saliva gel 25 ml: Saliva substitute gel for dry mouth.




xerostom-spray-15-ml-510x600Xerostom mouth spray 15 ml: Oral spray for dryness of the mouth.





Xerostom-Mouthwash-768x960Xerostom mouthwash 250 ml: Mouthwash for dry mouth and good oral health.





Xerostom-Pastilles-768x960Xerostom pastilles 30 pieces: Pastilles for dry mouth.





AIRLIFTCAPSULES1-768x960Air-lift capsules 40 units: Ingestible capsules for immediate neutralization of bad breath.





AIR-LIFT-Spray-15ml-510x600Air-lift mouth spray 15 ml: Mouth spray for immediate neutralization of bad breath.