CEL Chadjianastasi Pharmaceutical Ltd

Pharmaceutical Company


Our company cooperates with the following suppliers. For more information about our suppliers, you can visit their websites by clicking on the corresponding image.


Tentan_Deutschland_GmbHTentan Deutschland GmbH is a German pharmaceutical company based in Munich, a member of the Schaer Pharma Service GmbH group.


biocosmeticsBiocosmetics is a Spanish company based in the production and promotion of dental products.




Kleva is a Greek pharmaceutical company, with long-term experience in generic drugs, of high quality.



pharmontaPharmonta is an Austrian pharmaceutical company, specializing in herbal products.



harrogate_logoHarrogate Sulphur Soap is an English company specializing in the production of high quality dermatological products.




logo_imgBhargava is an Indian company with long-term experience in the production of dermatological and cosmetic products.




berkemannBerkemann is a German company with long-term experience in the manufacture of orthopedic and anatomical shoes and foot hygiene products.



ettsonsEttsons is a French company specializing in the production of injectable hyaluronic acid products.



avanso-logo-vektor-01Avanso S.R.O. is a Czech company specializing in the production of nutritional supplements.



MedinfarMedinfar, based in Lisbon, Portugal, is engaged in the research and production of innovative and generic pharmaceutical products.



logo-procare-healthProcare Health Iberia S.L. based in Spain deals with innovative products regarding the health and hygiene of women. It manufactures various product lines for treatment and daily care of women. 



1Prime Biosciences based in Greece is an innovative company that offers products and services of high standards in the healthcare industry and in the field of personalized medicine.