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1Halibut Derma Plus Cream 30 gr: For the treatment and care of the skin after eczema or reddening and burning from the sun or fire. Due to its rich composition, the product offers nourishment, renewal, hydration and protection of the skin. It is dermatologically tested without irritating components. It offers very good compatibility and tolerance with the skin.




Halibut Repairing Ointment 50 gr: Ointment for the treatment of the skin when there is irritation, rash or reddening in the diaper area (diaper rash). With miconazole that helps control the proliferation of microorganisms in the skin.




1Halibut Protecting Cream 100 gr: Cream for prevention of diaper rash. The creamy texture and easy application make it ideal for the diaper area and the skin folds of newborns and babies.